Friday, August 22, 2014

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The latest email but there are no picturs this week :(


So right now I'm sitting in an underground internet cafe in Paris. Yes, I know. How did I get here again? And so fast?! No worries, it was Mission President approved.

Last week, we cut emails a little short and headed over to see the Castle in Chenonceau. It was soooo beautiful and we took so many pictures. I'll be sure to include some sometime soon. About mid-week, we got a text from another missionary informing us that a member that Soeur Bradley knew while she was in Paris had passed away from cancer the other day. His wife is American and they have one small son. We called President Babin and he approved us to attend the funeral this morning. 

It was such a beautiful morning.

We woke up in the wee hours of the morning, stumbled out the door and caught the 5:30am bus to the train station. Our bus driver was listening to some awesome 70's music and then the song "Sunrise" came on by Norah Jones. And for some weird reason, the catchy chorus of the song just stayed in my mind. As we headed our way up to Paris early in the dark and the sun came up, over and over in my mind the lyrics "sunrise to sunset" rang over and over (weird, huh?) And then we finally arrived at the Chapel in Nogant.

Wow. I've never felt so much compassion run through me for someone else that I've never met before. It was a beautiful service. The man's sister came up and they sang a beautiful english song. And then one of the ward leaders stood up to give his talk. 

He asked their son to come up and give him 'five.' The first time the man held out his hand and asked the boy 'give me five.' The second, he raised it a little higher saying "give me ten." And the then just above his head, "to the sky." Overhead, "In the space." And then as he dropped his hand to the boy's head, he said, "In your face!" Everyone smiled as the boy laughed. And then the ward member asked him to-- everytime he thought of his Dad -- to know that he was in heaven above. And to know that he was, pointing to his center, in his heart. 

Don't forget where Heavenly Father is at. He has a way of penetrating our hearts and bringing sweet realizations to our minds. He loves us all. Don't forget that. And now I'm running out of internet cafe time.


Soeur Bronte

More to come next week and hopefully an email with pictures and a title! 

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