Sunday, October 5, 2014

God Moves in Mysterious Ways...

I love love love emails!! 

Dear Family,
Soooo, joke's are on me for week 6 of the last transfer! I was just starting to get comfortable with missionary life and being with my companion. We had a wonderful district meeting and were able to visit with a lot of our investigators. Then, I get a call from the Assistants who are so super excited to call me and ask me about a decision that the Mission President and them have prayed about. Hmmmm.
I am asked to stay in Tours and TRAIN a brand new missionary who's going to be coming straight off of the plane, fresh from the MTC this coming week.
Voila, I am now officially training in my 3rd transfer.
I didn't even think that was Possible!
Miracles to come...
And Soeur Bradley's going back into Paris where she'll be finishing the last transfer of her mission. I'm so sad to see her go! By now, I've picked up on all of her mannerisms that I'm sure I will pass them onto my bleu...
Highlights for the Week:
Going to Member's Homes for Mangez-vous (it's like a Rendez-vous, but you also mangez or 'eat')
Helping a Less Active Member Move (I nearly died from inhaling too much dust!)
Getting African Dresses "Booboos" from her
Finding Rootbeer in a store here for the First time
Having a less active member come to church for the first time since I've been here
Yes. So many more things than I can list. It's funny how everything is beginning to culminate this week into the next transfer. The oddest thing is that I've been here in Tours, in one place, long enough to see the seasons change, companions come and go and to feel like I've already begun to cover some ground on this journey and adventure we call a 'mission.'
The members here are all so wonderful and I feel like they are a great big family. They've been so encouraging and helpful to us the entire time we've been here. So I have less reason to worry with the new missionary coming in. As in times that have past, all will be well. The worst thing that could happen is that I miss all of the bus times and we end up having to walk everywhere. Or that we end up smiling our way through rendez-vous.
Either way there are lots of wonderful miracles to come. I've no idea what lies in store for the next couples of months. I only know that it will be an adventure and I know that there are so many angels in the form of members, friends, family, and complete strangers that'll be there beside us the whole way.
Thanks so much for your angelic influence! More news to come next week.
With Love,
Soeur Hopkins

So, Bronte touched the Loire River this last week! Soeur Bradley had requested that they take advantage of one of their last opportunities.

They visited their Japanese friend, Bich! (like the pen brand)
And they found Root Beer there in France! Soeur Bradley has never been able to find it in any store there! There are just some things that can't be replaced!!

A highly glorified morning view from their bus stop. REally, it's crazy gorgeous!!

Bronte and her companion went and saw an art exhibit inside the Chateau in Tours.

One last district picture! Everyone is holding their transfer numbers up and Bronte ruined their mugshot! She just couldn't help it! 

Until next week!
Lots of love,


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