Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter and General Conference!

Another week means another email!!!

Dear Family,

So contrary to singer John Mayer and popular belief, we, as mortals, are NOT free falling. Elder Holland made that quite clear the other night and I'd have to agree with him full heartedly. Christ is there, holding onto our wrists, preventing us from slipping and falling from a great height. He is pulling us up over that ledge to safety.
If you haven't heard his talk go to lds.org under the Sunday morning session of General Conference. It was fantastic.I'm so grateful for living prophets that are called by God and help give us counsel that will benefit us in our day.
Did I see a big theme centered on the family and the home? That is just incredible that leaders came together at the Vatican to hold a conference on this subject. And Elder Eyring had some powerful insight to share that was so touching. The family is FOREVER and that is a possibility that is there for each one of us and our own families. That is one uniquely beautiful possibility the restored church of Jesus Christ has to offer. No tears. All will be made right and we will all be united once again.
This Sunday, we had a less active member show up to church for the first time this year. And, oh, she was so well received and she loved the Women's Conference. Also, someone that we'd ported into the other night, showed up as well. It was kind of an Easter miracle I would say. And then someone today ended up calling us up because we'd given him and his girlfriend our card in passing the other day. The last thing I can remember doing before they left is just testify that there is a Father in Heaven who loves them and that because of Jesus Christ, everything is made possible. I guess he was taken back? We'll find out. We have a rdv with him in like...3 hours. Gotta run!
I love you all! Always know that you make a world of difference in the lives of those around you. Never forget how much good you do and how many are left better because of your influence! Happy Easter and Good luck with the Easter egg hunting.
Soeur Hopkins

"Conference the other day! Ok, so there were two different cameras we were looking at at the same time!"

Lots of Love,


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