Monday, August 3, 2015

A Car-less Adventure: Part 23

Ok, so I promise that this only happened twice! But we ended up walking to whole cities this past week to either catch the bus and get our train ride back. And luckily, we made both of them but not without sprinting the way there. But we sure got a good look at the countryside and all of its beauties!
How does this sound for the next I'm a mormon short?

     Hi, I'm a Full-time Missionary
     I like to walk (even when there are available buses that I didn't know about until now). 
     I love nature.
     My name is Soeur Hopkins
     And, yes, I'm a Mormon.
But in all honesty, it was a good week.
We helped the Grattepanche family paint their house. We discovered how to get there by foot.

We learned about companionship unity in district meeting. (You know that classic hilarious challenge of making two people get plastic wrapped together and then go retrieve an object? That was not without a good share of laughs.)
Going to visit one of the recent converts, Francoise

So this past week, Soeur Waite and I set out to take advantage of the opportunity to talk to everyone as we searched for a more convenient grocery store in our area. And now we know where they're at. :)
One afternoon, we were out and happened to spot a Careforre grocery store. As we approached it to check out the hours, we saw a young woman coming from the opposite direction to cross the street. We approached her and struck up a conversation. And miracle would have it, she is someone religious who believes in prophets! As we were standing there, she just dropped the question,"I don't really see any prophets today. What happened to them?" And so we shared with her that we do, in fact, believe in modern day prophets and that we also believe that God has also revealed new scripture to us. We prayed with her and she gladly accepted to set up a rdv with us this week at the church to learn more. 

People Are Prepared! They're everywhere! It's just a matter of asking. We were doing the math about how many people we talk to in a day and we realized that if we just consistantly kept up inviting, there'd bound to be a few "yes"s every so often.
I just wanted to share a quick link with you on the power of words:
The other week for family home evening at the church, we shared this for the spiritual thought and talked about how we use our words. Are we careful to use them to uplift and build those around us? Sometimes it is those that we are closest to, family and friends, that we are sometimes the most hard on and the most critical of. Maybe we can all find a moment this week to use our words to ask for forgiveness from someone or repair a misunderstanding between us and someone else. I know that Christ's grace is sufficient to heal and to change us.
Love you all! Have a wonderful week and soyez sage!

Soeur Hopkins

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