Monday, October 26, 2015

Here Comes the Sun!

This Monday, we ran over to the beach so that Soeur Erickson could take a look at it for the first time in a year. Yep, it's still there! And that night we had so much fun at fhe playing charades, pictionnary and a new game called, "whoosh, voie, bah!" and it was so hilarious. One of Soeur Mozos's best friends, Juline, showed up for fhe and it was a blast.

Tuesday was kind of a very tiring day. I have no idea, but we had absolutely no energy and we had rdvs all day long. While it was very hard to keep going, we prayed for energy and Heavenly Father gave us that and a world of miracles. Mme Gallois is doing wonderfully. You should've seen her reaction when she found out that Soeur Erickson's grandpa lived with a Navajo family for several years when he immigrated from Sweden. Mme Gallois's jaw nearly broke when it dropped. They were instantaneous friends. Meanwhile, I felt kind of like a third wheel in the conversation...haha. "Bonjour! Yes, I'm still here!" Gotta love it! :) 

That night, right before we went in, we had about 30 minutes left and we got dropped off right next to the train station. At this point we were drained and about ready to pack it in, but we offered a prayer and asked that God "put someone in our path." And you know what happened? God put three people in our path. A mom and her two daughters, a young woman whose father passed away recently and an ami of ours that we hadn't been able to get in contact with for a moment. God is just too good. 

Wednesday was fantastic. That morning we went out and contacted near the port and the remparts. We went to Le Divinach's home to visit their daughter who is preparing for baptism next year. We were teaching her about the gift of the Holy Ghost and we used the analogy that I remember Keriann Mckeon using for a baptism. Taking a huge comforter, we wrapped it around her and explained that the Holy Ghost is a comforter that we can keep with us that will help us to make good decisions, guide us, protect us and bring us joy and peace. Her mom and sister shared their own experiences. I figured that even if their daughter forgot most of what we said, she would remember how she felt. And her mom and sister would remember the promises they made when they were baptized and the blessings that God is continually giving them. 

Thursday was a sick day, but we did manage to get some planning done despite Soeur Erickson's throbbing headache. I can say that we ended up making lots of calls and I discovered the art of coming up with things to do. She was a champ and we went out that evening to go contacting and get some fresh air.

Friday-RENNES!!! The schedule got flipped around this week and we ended up going into Rennes at the end of the week. Later that evening, we met up with our fire twirling ami, Roxanne, and had one of the most incredible lessons in my life. We felt inspired to teach her about the plan of salvation and so we drew out a picture for her. She had so many questions coming from a non-religious background and never having learned about Christ. It was incredible to see, like clockwork, her questions about life come together in such a clear way. She kept saying, "That makes sense. And what about this?" She also offered the first prayer that she's ever offered in her life and that moment was so beautiful. It felt eternal. She prayed for a friend of hers who is going through a hard health experience. I know that Heavenly Father heard her prayer. We're meeting again with her this week. As we were walking away she asked us, "Why is it important to be baptized?" We said we'd explain it the next time. 

Saturday-We went out to work in several neighborhood areas by some members home. And on our way out of the neighborhood, there was an African woman who was passing by us. She stopped, turned to me and asked, "How are you?" It was Regne ("queen") that we'd met nearly a month ago! We hadn't been able to meet with her again because her husband wasn't very supportive of her learning about the church. And so we just happened to be in her neighborhood while she was walking home that afternoon. We talked with her a minute and found out that she's going through a really difficult time. And so we said a prayer with her before she left. Although we can't visit her for the time being, I know that that was no coincidence that we happened to be there in her moment of need. God always sends us someone or something in our moments of need.

Sunday-I gave another talk (my second in a month. Woohoo! I'm actually rather enjoying it) and that was kind of crazy in the midst of integrating Amis at church as well. Mme Gallois came (and took notes in sacrament meeting on her hand. Soeur Erickson asked her, "Do you want a piece of paper?") as well as a new ami named Joyce. Remember our Tuesday night miracle-the young mom with her two daughters? I called her up and she asked us for directions to get to the church because she hadn't been to a church in over three years. 

Sunday morning she rolls in front of the church in a taxi that she rented to get herself and her two girls there. I have never ever seen that before! That is one mom who knows just how important church is. And when I asked her why she wanted to come to church that day she said that she needed some kind of strength and renewal of her spirits to the point she was willing to make the effort. And, you know, she said that she found what she was needing.

I can't possibly share all of the incredible experiences we lived this week, but I do believe that they are only visible to us if we are looking for them. So, with all my heart, I would encourage you to stop and look for the hand of God I your life this week. And all of those moments will begin to surface in a manner that you will more fully be able to see all things working together for your behalf and that Heavenly Father really is in the details of our lives. 

Love you all! Keep looking up!

Soeur Hopkins

Ophelia Bouaka foiled our activity for the message we shared at their home! We told her to try to get the paper through her, so she cut a hole and that long, thin girl got it through her. I was shocked and we were all laughing because no one has ever done that before! #runningoutofgoodideas
Ok, TRY to look at this and NOT smile or feel the joy we could NOT contain after our incredible rdv with Roxanne. It says in the mission call that, "more joy and happiness than you have ever known await you as you serve.." It's true!! We were GUSHING with pure joy.

Hey look, so we went for a little swim the other day...just joking. Doesn't it look so real? Had to have a little bit of fun the other night!

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