Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Big email this week!!! Yeah!!!
Dear Family, 

We flight out Monday! One direct flight from Salt Lake to Paris. What a change that'll be!

We're soo ready to go, but also so sad to be leaving our zone! Our little branch has grown from 12, to 18, to 25 and we love them sooo much! Our newest group of french speaking missionaries will be going to Canada and to New Hampshire (it never ceases to amaze me the places where people speak french...). Also, since being here, I've ran into some more friends from school, one of my co-workers going to India and a friend from my ward (Sister Lauren Davis) who's headed to Tampa, Florida. 

I think this week's going to go by pretty quick. Today, we spent our morning helping clean the Provo temple, tomorrow we get to host the new missionaries coming to the MTC (I'm really excited for this), all day Thursday is In-field Orientation (should be super fun) and Friday is the 4th. I'm so happy to be here, right now, to celebrate our Independence Day and then arrive in France just in time for their Bastille Day! How cool will that be?!

This week we've been learning a whole lot about teaching Revelation through The Book of Mormon. It'd never occurred to me how often I tell people about The Book of Mormon and say something to the effect of, "It's a great book. I love it. It's blessed me so much in my life." And then we hand our dear friends a copy and walk away. Ding-dong ditching the message...

We spent some time practicing how to share more about this wonderful book. Talk about it-- its origins and where it comes from. Open it-- flip through the pictures and explain more about its history. Read Moroni's promise or look at the Introduction on the front page. And if you have more time, explain how you've learn to apply its teachings into your life. Real simple. I loved it. Now go try doing that in French. haha...

I tried metro contacting the other day! That was a blast and actually pretty difficult. Our instructor that day, Frere Sybrowsky, had half of our district line up on the sidewalk (as if on the metro) and the other half be the missionaries. I got to be the missionary.

As I began to start a conversation with my ami, Frere Sybrowsky came along and tapped him on the shoulder and began counting down 10 seconds before they would 'get off at the next stop.' The pressure was on... I tried to find the words to ask for his contact information. But as Frere Sybrowsky began to count down lower, '5....4.....3....", I became frantic for the words and I couldn't find them. Just as my ami was about to leave, I let out a strange, wild, indian-like noise that I've never made before. 

Note to self: Try Not to do that in France. They will think you're strange.

I love you all and am so excited to send you pictures once we've arrived in Paris. If you're interested in receiving a postcard, please send me your addresses pronto tonto. Have a fantastic week! And remember that God loves you!

Avec Tout Mon Coeur, 

Soeur Bronte Hopkins

Bronte with her flight plans!!

Such a long way across the world!

Her and her super cute companion.

All the sisters in her zone!!

Make sure to tell her if you want a postcard!! 
Lots of love,

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