Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things Are Looking (Very & Literally) Up

Another email from Bronte this week and some fun pictures!

Dear Family,

So I only recently realized just how incredibly timed my stay at the MTC is. Every year the MTC holds a mission president seminar for the new mission presidents getting called. Also, every mission president serves for 3 years before they're replaced. And because we're getting new mission presidents this July, our mission presidents are HERE being trained right now. What?!?!! No way!!! Yes. Yes way....

So we got to meet them last night! President & Soeur Babin (pronounced "Babaaa") were born and raised in France.When they were younger, Soeur Babin served in the Belgium, Brussells Mission (a while after you, Dad) and President Babin served in the-- yes, you guessed it-- Salt Lake City, Utah Mission! Their move to the mission home hasn't been too difficult since they only live an hour away.

It was so wonderful meeting them and getting excited to work with them. They have some wonderful new, innovative ideas to share with us missionaries and it feels were gonna hit the ground running. :) It's an exciting time to be a missionary.

And because it's the mission president seminar this week, we're on General Authority watch. (Binoculars and all...just joking, je blague) Although the conference is taking place on another side of campus, we do catch glimpses of the Apostles here and there (Bednar, Holland, etc. IS THat CooOOL or WHaT??) Since coming to the MTC, we've had the privilege of hearing from Elder Quentin L. Cook, Elder Russel M. Ballard, Sheri Dew and Janice Kapp Perry during devotionals. The spirit is wonderful and their messages are so great and So Timely. 

This week was great, difficult, frustrating, uplifting and challenging. Yesterday was probably the first day where I was needing a break. We'd just gotten done learning how to teach less-active members and then helping investigators resolve their concerns about making commitments. It was so emotionally draining and frustrating trying to be attentive that by the end of 2 hours, I just wanted to go outside and punch a tree.

 A general authority walking by as a sister missionary takes it out on a pine tree-- which also happens to be located on church property. No thanks, I already almost broke a light pole on temple grounds... 

Haha, But hey! There are some valid lessons to be learned about being patient, optimistic and knowing your limits! I decided to take my aggression out in a mean game of sand volleyball later that night.

More news. Soeur Tippett and I were just called to be our Zone's Sister Training Leaders and we are so super duper thrilled to be serving the sister missionaries in our zone. Tomorrow the MTC will be receiving 25 new french speaking missionaries and the week we leave, they're be 40 more. Wow, it's awesome. 

Sorry this week seems to be a very "newsy" week and a little less about personal experiences. But I'm learning so much about planning, setting goals and WORKING. The secret to missionary work really is WORK. And it's the best kind because it requires an Open mind and heart along with Complete unselfishness and Exact obedience. How else can Heavenly Father lead you in the work if you don't listen to HIM?

Thank you for the letters and words of love! I love you all oh so much and I hope to make you so proud!

Avec Tout Mon Coeur,

Soeur Bronte Hopkins

Bronte's current favorite pass time at the MTC!

Last day with Frere Meyers as her instructor.

Them picturing themselves on a park bench in France!!

Now them picturing themselves laughing in France! Super cute 

And our beautiful girl dancing since she just couldn't help it!! 

They fixed the light pole she broke!!

They were seeing how much she could fit into her big pockets

One of our roommates ( not me...I know I am an awful best friend) sent her a picture from when we dressed like guys and danced and sang to a Backstreet Boys song. 

Apparently there is a tree at the MTC that smells like cream soda and they found it!!

Bronte met her new Mission President!!

Until next week!! Lots of love,

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