Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fun Fact: Ebou's are the only creature that can turn its head 180 degrees...That's one big headache

Another email!!! 

Bonjour Tout le monde! 

J'espère que vous avez passés une bonne semaine et un bon THANKSGIVING! (I hope that you had a great week and a good Thanksgiving). We had a fun celebration at our district meeting on Tuesday and again on Thursday teaching little kids how to make hand-made Thanksgiving Turkeys (where you write on the "feathers" what you're grateful for). Apparently this is one of the most original things anyone has heard of here. We were a hit!

I hope that you took the time this week to thank those around you for how they've blessed you! "Thank you" from the mouth is "I love you" from the heart. :) So, thank you.

I don't have anything too life-changing to share this week, but I hope that these pictures will make you smile. This week has been a blessing--as is every week and opportunity we have to love, strengthen, uplift and serve those around us. 

Check out the video if you haven't yet!
Discover the Gift. Embrace the Gift. Share the Gift. The gift is the Savior, Jesus Christ and we can embrace it when we embrace His atonement and draw close to him. We share it when we serve and invite. 

What gift can we give Him this Christmas season?

I'm still worries.

Avec amour, 

Soeur Hopkins

P.S. Feedback is welcome

Bronte and her companion went over to a member's home for a suprise birthday party!
When Anya found out that Ebou's are the only creature that can turn its head 180 degrees, she went wild with the idea! Here she is sitting on her mom with her jacket on backwards.

Soeur Taylor is the bottom left girl-- Bronte is so thrilled to be in her family photo...haha

Pictures of Bronte and the other missionaries taking pictures of their Thanksgiving FEAST at District Meeting!

Such a sweet yet silly girl!

Lots of love,

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