Friday, December 12, 2014

I Am an Inch Worm

Some exciting news this week!!!

Drum roll please........I'm being moved to the city of Every! A city just outside of Paris. And my new companion will be Soeur Walker. Our address will be:

Les Soeurs Missionaires (just in case they haven't updated names)
11 Allée Boissy D'Anglas
91000 Every, France

So can I say that this week was absolutely incredible? Yes. Yes, I can.

Christmas is wonderful and beautiful here in France. This week, we just had a great week Christmas caroling, visiting members and setting a baptismal date with one of our amis. (See pictures for reactions..) Her name is Stephanie Moussa and if you could keep her in your prayers, that'd be awesome. She's making a huge step in her life to come unto Christ and be blessed eternally. 

I'm beginning to see that we often don't see the results of our efforts until we are getting ready to change or leave or transition. We keep thinking that because we can't see anything right away, that we are probably failing or just running on a wheel like a hamster--going no where. This week has taught me different. 

I was sitting on a park bench the other day (yes, I do that sometimes..) and Soeur Hansen and I were practice teaching our next lesson, when I saw this itty-bitty inch worm working its way along the side walk across from us. Somehow, it was the most eye-grabbing and attention-getting spectacle, so we kept looking at it. After a minute, I made the comment:"Is this how God sees us?" We just started laughing. I added,"I see a lot of parallels to this and my life. Heavenly Father's like, 'Keep Going!' and I'm thinking,'I have been!' " He sees the bigger picture. And for now, I'm the inch worm. haha.

Yesterday was my last sunday with the branch. I am so grateful for them, for their faith, for their love and for their friendship. I just can't say enough to explain how full my heart is. I'm grateful to know them individually, by name, and by their own stories and backgrounds. They are shining examples. 

Also, Soeur Bradley came for church too! She finished her mission three weeks ago and was visiting with her parents and seeing the areas where she served. I was so happy to see her! It just felt like it completed my experience here in Tours. I can look back with gratitude and look forward with excitement and faith for the future. 

I'll have to update you more this coming week and update you on the area. Until then, have a wonderful week! 


Soeur Hopkins

Last District Meeting for the transfer!!

And a picture with the branch here in Tours-- does anyone spy Soeur Autumn Bradley photobombing?( Bronte's first companion and trainer) Yes, she finished the mission and came back to France for 2 weeks with her parents--how crazy is that? And I'm not even joking!!

Bronte's Words: "Family Djemi! They are the best! I can't even begin to describe/explain all of the wonderful members in this picture. They. Are. Remarkable. And I love them"

Well until next week
Lots of love,

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