Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In A Letter To Myself

"I guess I'm just a prideful sinner," I concluded telling Soeur Waite as I finished braiding her hair and coming to terms with something that happened this week. Almost everyone of our rdvs with our Amis got cancelled and we ended up having all day finding days. (Which I am not at all opposed to. It's just that I'd prefer helping our Amis progress, that's all.) 

However, last Monday, during our p-day, we were standing in line to renew our buss passes when I saw a woman in line wearing a cool head band. After I complimented her, she turned to us and started asking us about where we were from and why we were here. Her name is queen and she's originally from Cameroon. This led to a brief conversation, but we didn't have a whole lot of time, so we gave her our card.

Friday morning, we got a call during our studies. It's Mme Gallois telling us that she'd have to cancel our rdv. It's only 8:10 in the morning, and our plans have already been cancelled! Finding day.....

And then like a scene from The Best Two Years, we get a phone call and it's queen! She remembered to call us! We set up a rdv with her at the church that afternoon and invited a member to come with us. And it was wonderful! She was so open and interested in learning about our message. We were able to, with the member, testify to her about the restoration of the gospel. Her and her husband are Christian, but disagree with certain practices and teachings in their own church. (I think it came as quite a shock to Soeur Waite when her husband came to drop her off, because when we said hi to her husband, it turns out that he's a middle-aged, well-established French businessman. Didn't see that one coming....people come in all shapes, sizes, colors and circumstances, right?

This week, we were helping one of our members pack boxes so that she can move soon. And she's a pack rat of sorts. As we were going through piles of clothing, I began to remember just how allergic I am to dust. I about sneezed myself to death and ended up holding a tissue over my face. And then after we'd cleared the piles....she told us to brace ourselves. She went to her closet and open the doors. It was full to the brim! And as she started pulling out clothes, there was no end! I couldn't resist and as she continued, I started humming the tune to "If You Could Hie to Kolob" and sang in French, "there is no end to clothes!" We all busted up laughing at how ridiculous it was!

And Sunday, my district leader passed me a letter forwarded from the mission home. It was from the UK! And as I opened it, I realized that it from none other than my MTC teacher- Soeur Hoover! Apparently, she'd finished at BYU, got married and is now living in the UK. It was wonderful hearing from her and seeing just how blessed she's been in the past year.

And inside the envelope was a letter I'd written for myself last year was I was still in the MTC. It was super funny reading a letter from myself, but amid all of the words of encouragement and reminders for myself, I saw just how much Heavenly Father has fulfilled his promises and just how much he has been wisely guiding my life up to this point. And I am so grateful. 

The reason why I decided to come on a mission wasn't because I thought I would easily be able to share the gospel with the people here or that I would statistically change the world, but simply because I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. And that makes all the difference to me. All of the door knocking, all of those cancelled/ changed rdvs and even walking from place to place is put back into perspective in my mind. This work is miraculous and who am I to ever determine what my small contribution amounts to? 

Doctrine and covenants 123:17 "Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed."
I love you all! Have a great week!

Soeur Bronte

And this is our visit to the coast in Quiberon. We were pretty excited....

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