Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week 6 magic, yeah!

Finally a picture with our English family/grave digging rock artist dad...

And just to show you how nice we look in normal pictures

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain!
Or at least that's what Audrey Hepburn says in the musical, My Fair Lady...
Because it rained and rained and rained in Bretagne for nearly the
entire week. And it was fantastic. We always say that there are so
many things that happen the last week of every transfer and it's true
that there was a lot of "week 6 magic" and miracles!

While we haven't texted in any miracles this week, there were so many
things that happened. You know, the former investigator we met with?
She came to church for the second time in a row this week. Thursday
night, we had a rdv with her at the home of a member. She had asked
for the copy of someone's talk in church last week and they had given
her the conference issue as well.

She had already read through several talks and had sooo many
questions! It was crazy to see how much her and her attitude had
changed. We were almost going to stop teaching her because she wasn't
very interested and then....BOOM. Something clicked. She had questions
about the atonement, marriage, the word of wisdom, etc. And for the
most part, the member just jumped in explaining. I felt like we ended
up nodding our heads and finding scriptures for her. Breakthrough!

She's kind of an interesting bird, because she's absolutely obsessed
with Native Americans and wants to preserve their habits. She also
recommends touching trees....but overall, she's a good apple. She
brought up the idea of baptism herself, saying, "Me, I'm NO where near
being ready for baptism-Is it in a pool? Will I be swimming
around?..." Oh lalala, people are funny.
She offered to drive us home that night and as she pulled up to our
neighborhood to leave us, she got out to switch around her stuff. And
she paused to look at the sunset and said, "Wow, it's so beautiful."
To which we all looked and then she sighed and added,"Man is killing
nature." She looked at me for my reaction, but I hadn't yet heard what
she said so I was still smiling, somewhat confused. "What?" Is all I
could think.

Later, we were preparing to go visit Corinne and one of our members,
Yvelise, came with us. We were so excited to introduce them because we
felt like they'd get along pretty well. We told her a little bit about
Corinne's background and what message we wanted to share with her. And
after walking up the four flights of stairs, and knocking on the door,
it swung open. Before I could say anything, Corinne interjects,
"Yvelise, how are you?"
Once again, all I could think was, "What?"

I was totally stupefied to find out that they've known each other for
years! And so after they caught up a little (while I was standing
there with my jaw hanging on the floor), we had an incredible lesson
that also encompassed all of the questions that she'd had for us.

Sunday was fantastic and now finally we are starting to meet a lot of
members that were gone on vacation for the summer. (A little less
hectic with translating.) I just love Sundays so much. It feels like
everyone is such an incredible spiritual experience. Especially
sacrament. There's a wonderful talk from last October's General
Conference by Cheryl s. Esplin called "Sacrament-a renewal for the
soul." It really has helped make every week so meaningful. Especially
because by the end of every week we are Exhausted and just need a
little bit of a boost.

I'm so grateful for all of your prayers and support. Heavenly Father
is really helping us to change people's lives in all kinds of ways.
And I think He's also changing my heart and the way I look at this
work. I can confirm that those miracles haven't been coming until
after we have exercised faith, obedience and great diligence. I've
come to see that even our "car-less" problem has started becoming a
wonderful blessing and has helped us to look just right around us for
the people that we can lift. He has a wonderful plan.

Have a great week and I'll talk to you next! Going into transfer 11
and ready to see what's in store!

Love, Soeur Hopkins

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