Monday, June 22, 2015

For the First Time in Forever!!

Dear Family and Friends,

So, today was the first time I've seen the beach in over a year and it was just HEAVENLY!

We went with a group of YSA's in our branch and it was a Blast!

The other day was Fathers Day and also the Fete De La Musique, a music festival in town that we passed by. We only really figured out what was going on when a lady we were going to contact came up to us to ask us questions because she thought our placks meant we worked there! "Non, but are you religous by any chance?" haha

Francoise had us try some sea critters-- I'm not actually certain what it was that we were eating, but it definitely tasted like le mer!

And Soeur Bouaka. There are simply no words to describe her except in this photo. We absolutely had an incredible time visiting her and she loves making us all laugh super hard.

But I think the best part of the week was the incredible activity we put about the Plan of Salvation! We started in the Pre-mortal life explaining the rules of the games, gave them their assignment and sent them to the mortal world to play Lou-Garou (mafia) until they died and went to the spirit world where they played games and filled out things like math sheets and Bible/Book of Mormon quizzes. And they were ALL soooo serious about it and getting the right answers. But the end was the best part when we had them turn in their assignments and pass the judgement desk into the Sacrament Meeting Room. There was an incredible twist to it all!

Passing into Mortality and then with Everyone crowding the front lobby filling out their math sheets. No joke, some people spent more than half an hour working on it. They were SO competitive!

It culminated in the sacrament meeting room when we were getting ready to announce the winner and who would be going on to the Celestial Kingdom to live with God again. I set up a chart and started listing the final results out carefully to show everyone that we were counting. And then Soeur Rasband and I went into role play as we pulled out the red envelope to reveal who'd one. Everyone wanted to know! And then as I got ready to show it to them and looked at it and paused for a second. Then I looked at Soeur Rasband to show her what I saw. And then we turned it for everyone to see what it read-- "Personne." or "No one."
That is where it became a real eye opening experience for us all. Everyone had earned several thousand points, but no one had earned enough to go on. It was an unreachable amount of points. They'd all lost. 
But there was an Option B. Pulling out a picture of Christ and placing it in on the table, we colored in the entire chart to show that Christ has already payed the price for us. We spoke about our need for a Savior, using His Atonement and relying on His Grace. The Spirit was so powerful as we testified about the role of Christ. Heavenly Father already knew that we wouldn't be able to return to Him ourselves and so He provided a Savior.
Words can't fully explain just how deep the message sunk as we lived the experience we did that night. It was so fun, joyfully and powerful at the same time. The Gospel is joyful and so meaningful.

It was a lot of work that evening, so we took a victory selfie afterwords to complete the fact that we'd been speaking in french for 2 and a half hours straight. Oh lala. That was a real "board meeting at mondos" sorts!

Lots of love,


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