Monday, June 15, 2015

Picture Tour....

Welcome to the Picture Tour!!

So I figure I'll have to do a full length version of this when I get home, but just for viewing pleasure and my laziness this week..
We had a "finding day" the first day of the transfer when Elder Tidwell called up the other equipes here in Evry to let us know, "He lost his bleu.." The bus doors closed too fast and they got separated. Soeur Dionne and I found him just outside their apartment. First week in Paris and he finds a map and walks home. That-a-Elder-Dunkins!
With the Familly Louis in their backyard overlooking the valley in Etampes. Sister Louis served a mission in Greece!

Exchanges with Soeur Waite in Nogent 
and another picture from Versailles

Catherine took us on a walk through a beautiful park! She reminds me a lot of mom behavioral and conversational wise...(its a good thing)

Fabiola and her son who tends to have the same blank stare whenever you ask him a question ;)

Over at the Rio's home. They are such a fun family! They love reading books and have an entire corner of their living room dedicated to the latest and greatest novels.

And that is "Mama Monique." She actually recently got baptized in England, but was staying here for several weeks. She was taught in English, but because she's a native french speaker, we thought it'd be really good to revisit the lessons in french. I finally used my Plan of Salvation puzzle and she loved it!

So, guess what happened when we were in Paris the other week? One of the Soeurs suggested we go get crepes from this creperie of line 4, but we were having some difficulties finding it. After wondering just a little, we turned a corner and found it. And as we started heading towards it, a man and his wife wave to us from a restaurant next door saying, "Hi Sisters! We're from Camarillo, California!" And my response was, "I'M from Camarillo!!" I actually forgot their family name but the husband remembered being a counselor in the YSA ward while I was home.

And then my friend Jessica from school, BYU and my dance ensemble group turns the corner. And at that point, I just through my hands up and go running towards her to give her a hug. I was like, "HI! I'm a missionary! In Paris!" What a Heavenly, timely and pleasant surprise.

Us and Reba. She was one of our most favorite people! She's a member from Chicago that met her husband here in Paris when she was studying art. 

And then...a "grimace" or funny photo with the Mfulani family. Sometimes,  you just have to let go of that self-image and flaunt your excellent sense of humor. haha

And this is a ville that went out and visited because an american family just moved into our ward for the summer. And this is what your classic, gorgeous small villes look like-- gorgeous.This is just a little outside, inside perspective of all the wonderful people and places here in France.Next week they'll be spiritual experiences, no worries...

And that concludes our weekly tour. You can find the souvenirs at the gift shop on your way out. Thank you and Please come again soon!

With Love,
Soeur Hopkins

Lots of love,


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