Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mother's Day Rebellion

So sorry that I missed out on writing everyone the last week. I had the chance to Skype mom and dad, so I kind of declared open rebellion and decided not to write the day after. You know, you can't have too much of a good thing, right?
This week, we experienced some wonderful miracles and break-throughs. We were going over to a part-member family's home to teach them. We'd been trying to get the husband to sit in on a lesson with us since I came to Evry. But he just didn't seem interested and would always leave the room when we came over. The night before, the idea came to us to see if their home teacher was available to come with us. He sent us a text letting us know that he could come.
We had everything ready to go and were getting ready to leave, when the idea came to change the lesson and bring the film of the restoration. When we showed up the kids were so excited to "watch a movie" and they all came into the family room. The best part of all was that the husband sat in and stayed! After the film, we started sharing our testimonies about how God answers prayers and how we can receive answers to our questions. I know that what followed had nothing to do with our teaching, language or any other abilities. The husband started commenting and even asking questions. Something about the timing and the combination of everyone there just opened up the conversation to him. We showed him answers to his questions in the Book of Mormon and everyone had the chance to speak. Oh, how sweet it was! We're coming back again to answer some more of his questions and just let his curiosity grow.
I know that the mother had been praying for that for several years and that Heavenly Father answers our prayers little by little- just giving us as much as we need until we are ready to here it. In Ward Council, Bishop shared with us a scripture from Alma 13:24 and talked about how there are angels all about us preparing us to receive his message until the time leading up to when we are introduced to it.
ANyways, that's all I can share with you this week. We've got to run. But as always, I love you and never doubt that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers- and sometimes through other people.

Soeur Hope-kins 

(all of the non-native english speakers make the connection that "op" is closely related to hope and therefore my name must mean hope. I never correct them or tell them any different. Pourquoi? ;)

Much love,


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