Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vannes has a Van!!!

Bronte Moved!!!

Dear Family,

Bonjour tout le monde! J'espère que vous avez passé une très bonne semaine déjà! It now makes one year since I've been serving. My first 6 months in Tour, these last 6 months in Evry and now....
We're heading to Vannes! Ok, so no one's really heard of it before, but it is this ville about 40 minutes away from the coast and south of Bretagne. (I'm sure you can google map it.)We do have a car, but there are some particulars with how often we get to use it- on verra. I am once again replacing my MTC companion (after replacing her in Evry) and my new companions will be Soeur Rasband! She'll be going into her 8th transfer while I'm heading into my 9th. Crazy. And my companion, Soeur Dionne, is now a trainer in Evry!
There's going to be some majors changes going on, but just to inform you all, my updated address will be:
6 Rue Honeré Daumier
56000, Vannes
I just can't even begin to explain how much joy and love that I've felt over the past couple of days for the members and the amis that we've been teaching. It just fills you up so much.

We went and visited the Arriaza family this week and shared with them a message about fasting (Helamen 3:35, The Book of Mormon) and then invited them to share their testimonies during sacrament meeting at church on sunday. They were all super hesistant, but after a little bit of encouragement and encouragement, they all went up that sunday. And it was just beautiful watching Brother Arriaza's eyes fill up with tears as he sat on the stand with the rest of the bishopric watching his family share their sincere, heartfelt testimonies of Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel.
I got Soeur Stevine to sing again for us when we went and visited her family on Saturday! Stayed tuned, she's working on performing a feat with Alex Boye for a song about her conversion and the first time she was given the Book of Mormon. Before we left, she fumbled around in her closet and presented me with a box full of make-up and said to me in her english african accent, "Take this. After you get home from your mission I want you to make yourself pretty so that one of the brothers can marry you and you can have your family!" haha. Yes Soeur Stevine, this make-up will help me gain salvation haha. That's just her kind of humor. :)
This week, I was taking a look at mormon messages online and I came across one called LIFT. It's a really incredible experience about an Elders Quorum group of fathers who've been serving a member of their ward for seven years by putting her into bed everynight. You'll have to watch it to understand. But it talks about a change of heart that they went through in performing this act of service.
Elder D. Todd Christofferson's words come in at the end and I love how truthful it is that,"When we serve others, our souls gain more substance. And when we loose ourselves in service for the Lord's sake, we really DO find ourselves because there is MORE of us to find." I can only verify that and conclude that when we begin to focus outside of ourselves, that's when we can heal, grow, progress and find ourselves and find ourselves joyfully.

I don't know all what lies ahead with all of these new changes but it's going to be a beautiful journey and Heavenly Father's purposes will all be fulfilled. Thank you for your love, prayers and support. I know that Heavenly Father is actively working to bless you in your lives whatever your life situation may be and wherever you are. I love you all! Go LIFT someone this week.
Your Soeur,

Soeur Hopkins

So did I mention we actually got to the chance to mount the Eiffel Tower for my last week? Miracles happen. It was the most incredible thing and I took videos to show you when I get home!

And that's some more of the view. Gosh I'm afraid of heights! But were champions and took the stairs to the second floor!

Our ami, Ruth came to church! Soeur Walker, we started teaching her now! ;) And she's such a stellar girl

The Arriaza family. Did I mention we taught them how to play the hand game, slide? We got Frere and Soeur Arriaza on fim too! 

The Family Cadin. I skyped at their home for mother's day.

Rebecca Gboto. A sister in our ward who reminds me a lot of Melissa..

Soeur Bailly and her little sister. I absolutely adore them!

The Vendassi and Meunier family. The two are actually the daughters of President and Soeur Babin. And yes, I'm standing on my toes in the picture with our ward mission leader and their daughter!

Sorry to blow up your inboxes for the week, but I wanted to be sure that you were able to see some of the pictures of people whom I've come to love so much! Feel free to write me back if you would like!

Lots of love,


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